Corporate Values


Benzor International has bright, knowledgeable and hardworking staffs committed to providing clients with executives, professionals and specialists whose skills advance business performance and profitability.

Throughout our network you will find our recruitment specialists who are united by the following set of business values:

Service is a privilege

We believe it's an honor and privilege to serve to our stakeholders, members, and customers. We exist to demonstrate this value in everything we do.

Utmost ethical standards of service

With more than three decades recruitment industry experience, we have long-established and mutually beneficial working relationships with clients all over the globe – so our local knowledge and market intelligence is second to none when it comes to sourcing candidates with precisely the right blend of talent and experience for the role. OUR MISSION is to source high caliber and talented individuals for your business whilst ensuring an outstanding and personal service to our candidates.

Customer Focus

Excellence in everything we do for our clients and internal customers, including a commitment to innovation.


High credibility is a result of saying what you do and doing what you say - period. We strive to meet our commitments to our clients, employees and to our candidates. We communicate early when we find those commitments can't be met as we expected. You can’t fake authenticity. We ensure that all documents and background of our candidates are authentic.

Efficiency, Empowering Leadership & Quality

Our level of experience and industry knowledge gives us authority and confidence in our ability. We approach every assignment with dedication, attention to detail and intuition. It is this attitude that has pushed us to the higher echelons of recruitment, and we inspire all members of staff with the same commitment to quality.

Secure Accountability

Establish service level standards and performance targets that provide a benchmark for monitoring progress toward meeting service objectives by incorporating best practices, standards, and consultation.

We foster a workplace that engenders respect for our co-workers and encourages multiplicity and innovation. We know that trusting each other creates a foundation of a stronger team and extraordinary results.


Every successful company focused on sustainability, at some point, you will need to take a leap of faith -- faith that your long term business sustainability will make sense for the company, employees, candidates, and most of all, to clients. Over the course of our 35 years pursuing sustainability, we've taken several leaps and most of them have proven to be good decisions.