Corporate Capabilities

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Since its inception, Benzor International Manpower Services has grown from our leadership in other engineering markets, such as construction and mining. But to be the best in the industry requires us to continually bring in the best recruits locally with the very best training available.

Our Clients

For over three decades now, we at Benzor have been matching our clients with highly qualified applicants. Back in 1983, we started supplying manpower in the Middle East particularly Saudi Arabia and we have expanded to various parts of the world including Asia, Australia, Canada, USA and lately, Africa. We have placed candidates in different industries including Healthcare; Mining; Oil and Gas and Petrochemical; Hotel and Restaurant; and, Engineering and Construction.

Our Core Methodology and Recruitment Process

Hiring Technical and Top Professionals has become a very challenging and stressful activity. Major focus is on their Sustainability (Ethics and Performance) and Stability. The Strategy and approach that we adopt is Unique and Comprehensive involving one or all of the following techniques:

  • Assessing, Analyzing and Understanding Client Needs/ Wants.
  • Using specific head hunting methodology for screening higher level profiles.
    • Advertise your manpower requirements in the major newspaper of nationwide circulation.
    • Conduct Special Recruitment Authority (SRA) nationwide.
  • Using our own mapped database (hierarchy wise).
    • Update and activate our data base of pre-qualified applicants for clients’ selection.
  • Using suitability tool for Hiring Employees’ like: - E.Q/ E.I and Aptitude Test for Management and Technical positions.
    • Arrange the trainings needed, including trade tests and medical examination of selected applicants
  • Using special questionnaire to understand candidates understanding. Only relevant profiles to reach the clients.
  • Provide clients with conducive venue, facilities therein and reliable support-staff during selection process/interview;
  • Assist the selected applicant in the documentation requirements needed like the processing of their verified contract of employment in pertinent government agencies like the Philippine;
  • Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), Authentication of their documents in the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) if necessary;
  • Assist workers in securing Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) Certificate for those who are scheduled for departure;
  • Assist the selected worker in their departure formalities/procedures
  • Using market intelligence and referral checks.
  • Continuous update and monitoring of service rendered to all our clients/ employers.


We know that the key to providing you with a successful candidate selection is not just about their skills and capability. That’s why Benzor comprehensive role evaluation plays an important part in ensuring the right cultural fit. Our recruitment officers are professionally trained to guide you through an in-depth briefing process. This guarantees we have the best possible understanding of the role you are hiring for, your business history and the type of working environment you offer — confirming the ‘essence’ of what you are looking for in an ideal candidate.


We know how important speed-to-market is in Philippines ever changing economy, which is why we work fast. The faster we can match you with your ideal candidate, the faster your business can grow. Partnering with us means you will have access to our extensive network of candidates and unique sourcing solutions. We have a database of over 50,000 candidates across the country and an internal culture of meeting and exceeding your service delivery expectations.