Our History


Challenges are taken as inherent to one's life existence. Competence too, with one’s self or with another. How one deal with all these is a measure of the fiber that he is made up of? The fortitude and the strength with which he tackles those obstacles can either make or break the individual.

Benzor International Manpower Services are continually proving our mettle by straightening our strategic approach in labor relations, personnel management and overseas recruitment. Our invitations from reputable industry players across the globe attest out worth and excellent status in providing jobs to endowed individuals as well as building up pools of competent and quality workers.

We measure our success not by the bulk of overseas contract workers whom we have given jobs and deployed but how these people accomplished their dreams and transformed their lives through us. We are also proud of the numerous recognitions we welcomed from our clients worldwide for we do not settle for mediocrity when it comes to providing workforce. We live and breathe reasons without compromising global standards.

BIMS stands firm in promoting and supporting the exceptional talents of our countrymen. We will never get tired of assisting Filipinos survive in a level playing field. We believe too that healthy competition among other foreign migrant workforce will be our battle cry. You can count on us for we remain bullish despite the growing numbers of competitors in the nationwide markets. With the same vision and goals of rising above these unremitting predicaments, we therefore call on each and every Filipinos to join us in showcasing the globe our innate talents and unmatched capabilities.


BENZOR INTERNATIONAL MANPOWER SERVICES is a licensed overseas recruitment business with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) the office established under the Department of Labor and Employment of the Philippines to regulate and monitor the recruitment of Filipino workers of overseas job contracts under License No. POEA-429-LB-082702-R.

Benzor International has been in the recruitment business for the past three decades, servicing mainly the manpower requirements of countries in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Qatar, Kuwait, North African countries and Canada. Now, it has also new markets in Asia where it is doing successful recruitment business on joint-venture arrangements with firms in Singapore, Malaysia and the United States of America.

The management of Benzor International is founded on the belief that the strength and weakness of any business organization is human resource. And it is this "vision" statement that continuously guides and inspires the organization of Benzor International to do its utmost for its clients in terms of service and hired people. Our Recruitment Program focuses on "Speed of Delivery of Service" and "Quality of Recruits" as our strategies and competitive advantages.